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A cool lighter

Conventional lighters often become very hot.
With EasyFlame Mini you can avoid this.

It has no flame, the EasyFlame Mini lighter stays cooler and makes it easier to use it at all angles. Perfect for hiking

The future is pure energy

Time to abolish fossil fuels and go for clean energy. EasyFlame USB Design Lighter is charged with standard USB cable. Use the supplied cable and preferably your phone charger to charge the lighter when it is out of power. Easyflame will say when it is fully charged with the LED indicator.

No flame, no gas, no problem.

Unlike conventional lighters using flammable gases, EasyFlame has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. No flame no soot. Therefore, Easyflame is ideal for lighting candles, the fireplace and more

How does it work?

When power jumps between 2 points on a power cord, the air is ionized and a significant arc is created that also produces high heat. The distance of the jump also determines the
power consumption and the sound EasyFlame makes.
We believe that we have found the ideal relationship between these factors to provide the best possible experience.

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